Accident Reconstruction

Determining what happened

A large segment of MSAI reconstruction work has involved the detailed analysis of hundreds of both on and off road motor vehicle rollovers.  As such, MSAI is frequently asked to determine why a particular vehicle rolled over, the answer to which often entails failure analysis. 

MSAI reconstruction evaluation can incorporate the analysis of occupant kinematics, or the motion of occupants when exposed to forces developed in accidents.  Occupant kinematic analysis is useful in identifying or eliminating various crashworthiness issues. 

MSAI has at our disposal a number of tools to assist in accomplishing a reconstruction project.  Electronic survey equipment is routinely employed to acurately document physical evidence at accident sites, as well as developing a 3 dimensional map of the particular location.   Depending on the complexity of the investigation, survey equipment can also be used to collect 3 dimensional mesurements of an accident vehicle, other objects, or machines.  Data collected is imported into computer aided drafting (CAD) programs resulting in electronic models which are useful for a number of approaches.  Photogrammetric applications and computer simulations can be employed depending on the level of information available and the complexity of the investigation.

Accident Reconstruction - Automotive and Industrial

  • Single and Multi-Vehicle Collisions
  • Rollover Reconstructions
  • Occupant Kinematics
  • Time-Distance Scenarios
  • Photogrammetric Reconstructions
  • Computer Simulations