Failure Analysis

When things go wrong

Engineers and scientists learn from failure. Being able to evaluate and analyze the performance of a particular machine, device, or component when exposed to foreseeble operating conditions allows for in-depth design analysis. Depending on the nature of the investigation, MSAI has the ability to employ a range of approaches, from simple hand calculations to complex computer simulations...

and from basic laboratory experiments to full scale on-track motor vehicle testing.


At MSAI the engineers have examined a wide variety of issues associated with automotive safety, with a primary focus being in the area of stability and rollover of motor vehicles. MSAI has extensive experience in evaluating motor vehicle rollover accidents and the vehicles involved. MSAI has tested numerous passenger automobiles, including many SUVs, for analysis of stabilty and handling properties.  Test data and vehicle dynamics are analyzed to assist in evaluating the adequacy of various vehicle design aspects, as well as evaluating design modifications targeted to improve performance and safety of motor vehicles.